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Travel by private jet

Travel in a private jet, in a familiar environment, get rid of waiting hours in airports and be able to go where you want when you want… For more information, contact LFHJ . This dream seems inaccessible for many but it attracts more and more businessmen and celebrities. The difference between the purchase price of a new or used private jet is significant, especially since the development costs of the new private aircraft also tend to increase the bill. private plane that you want to acquire, the price variations are important. In any case, in most cases, whether to buy a new or used private jet, you will have to plan a budget departure.

Maintenance costs of a private aircraft

The costs of maintaining, parking and operating a private aircraft should not be underestimated: they also represent a significant budget for the year. Among the operating costs, you will need a budget to pay the pilots, even the flight crew, field technicians operating the aircraft maintenance, kerosene or private jet insurance and private airport taxes. Also consider the cost of renting a space in a hangar or parking lot when the jet is not in use. For any advice regarding rental private jet , contact a professional. Before rushing to the first available draft, do a cost-benefit analysis of your investment. 350 to 400 hours per year may justify the purchase of a private jet. If not, you can consider renting. Also consider the hidden costs. With a price between 4 and 35 million euros for a new private jet,

How to reduce the cost of purchasing a private jet

Among the ways to reduce the cost of purchasing a private jet, two alternatives. The first alternative allows you to rent your own aircraft and thus to amortize at least part of the additional costs. To do this, you need to approach an aircraft management company, which can take over the commercial management of your private aircraft when you are not using it. The second alternative has emerged in recent years and consists in buying your private jet in several: you share ownership of the jet, and therefore also its time of use. This formula can be interesting in certain cases to considerably reduce the purchase cost. However, before purchasing your private jet, it is recommended to make detailed profitability and cost calculations.

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