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Order a custom home carpet

For your home to be personalized and unique, the custom carpet is the ideal solution. With an original welcome mat, you will attract the attention of your visitors and give a special decoration to your interior. It is therefore both a decoration tool and a visual communication tool to target your potential customers.

The carpet manufacturing companies today offer you to create your high-end doormats for a commercial asset within your company and a quality decor. In addition, you have the choice between several materials such as wool, silk, cotton or aluminum structures. Even colors can be tailored to your preferences and requirements for custom creations. You will have a unique result and a quality rug to enhance your home decor.

To order a custom entrance mat, simply choose the material of your preference, the colors, the dimensions you want and the logo or images to print. Since the carpet is intended for everyday use, you can specify more precise characters such as absorbing and anti-fouling effects or a non-slip rubber sole. You can order large quantities of custom carpets and the quality is assured.

The various manufacturing techniques

High quality and quality carpets are always handmade. Yet even handmade carpets differ in weaving techniques. They can be woven, knotted or tufted. Discover the website :

Hand weaving is a manufacturing technique that consists of weaving the carpet manually, this allows to obtain a high quality result. It is often used on colorful patterned carpets and wool carpets. For years now, the technical gestures of hand weaving have kept their authenticity in order to have impeccable finishes. To make the patterns, the weaver must weave weft yarns in the width direction and the warp yarns in the lengthwise direction. These threads will be passed one below and above the other to get the grounds and a solid carpet.

Hand knotted is a very old artisanal method. It is quite complicated and certainly more expensive than the hand woven. This technique consists in creating flow nodes between the weft and the warp ends. Then, the nodes are cut or shaved. Subsequently, the carpet is cleaned and dried in the open to have a glossy appearance and a very soft velvet. Hand-knotted carpets have a very prestigious appearance thanks to their fine weaving, quality and durability. These are then luxurious carpets worthy for your interior decoration.

We also have the tufted hand. It is a manufacturing technique based on a horizontal and textile support. The carpet pattern is already drawn beforehand. We introduce the strands of wool, silk or viscose one by one on the support with a gun. In this way, we will have very precise patterns and a quality carpet. Shaving or equalizing is then performed so that the strands are at the same height and the carpet is soft and flat.

The quality of carpet Bougainville Edition

Among the luxury carpet manufacturers, the Bougainville house creates exceptional works of art. To liven up your interior and accentuate your personality, we propose you to make modern and customized carpets matching your expectations.

In addition, the quality of our products is ensured by traditional and traditional manufacturing techniques. The technical gestures used by the old craftsmen are kept to give carpets of certain solidity and irreproachable quality. Whether hand knotted, woven or tufted, the know-how of our craftsmen guarantees high quality carpets. If you like novelties, we also have collections of contemporary rugs made with passion and creativity.

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