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A consulting agency specializing in catering

Many professionals and culinary experts can assist you in setting up your catering concept. Nowadays, we can have the service of specific Agencie consulting for restaurant concept in the catering sector within the framework of management and management.

A consulting agency in catering can provide you with adequate solutions for your culinary projects whatever its aspect. Even if you are the only one who really knows what you want, a specialized agency can help you showcase your project and move it forward in the right direction to ensure your success.

The main role of the consulting agency is to support professionals such as restaurants, hotels or fast food in all that relates to advice, marketing, but also to communication. Indeed, in order to maintain a brand image in the world of catering, a brand must follow new culinary trends and innovate by focusing on personalized recipes.

Riccardo Giraudi, a renowned culinary expert and owner of the Beefbar de Monaco, offers expertise and consulting services for hotel groups, restaurants and cruise companies. It is the good management and the innovative ideas of this agency that made the success of the chic restaurants of Monaco.

Creation of recipes

An agency specialized in catering is not only confined to managing the image and the communication of your establishment. In addition to ensuring better management and a good brand image, it improves your culinary expertise by creating culinary recipes of all kinds.

By opting for menus and creative recipes, you can be sure to seduce your customers. The Beefbar of Monaco is known for its recipes of kobe meat and wagyu meat, dishes out of the ordinary. It is one of the best Monaco meat restaurants with a pleasant and idyllic setting. Recipe creation is also an infallible weapon for your promotional and sales campaigns accompanied by culinary styling. It’s about presenting your products to the public using various culinary visuals such as photographs and advertorials. Today, we meet a lot of Internet sites that offer their services to display in picture or video your recipes to highlight your products and your know-how, but also to develop your notoriety. And even during your restaurant business, do not stop in research and development to get the attention of your customers. So, the creation of recipes must follow you constantly. Do not forget that a good restaurant is a good restaurant only if it keeps the best of its recipes, but also if it improves its know-how.

Creating a menu and choosing products

You can choose to enter a restaurant for many reasons. It may be the location that is ideal with a magnificent view, a luxurious setting for a romantic dinner or a tempting experience in a brand new establishment. All the same, we can have a dream comfort and luxury decor, if the menu does not tell us anything, we can easily turn away from the restaurant. So, to have a gourmet restaurant, there are certain aspects to take into consideration when creating the menu.

We will focus on three important points for the menu design. First, we must prioritize design. Since your menu represents what you have to offer to your customer, you must allow them to see all available offers. You can also guide your eyes to detect dishes of the day, interesting formulas or even the drinks corner. Then the second point represents the content of your menu. We are talking here about the different dishes that you propose. Your dishes must correspond to a certain level of quality according to the type of your establishment. And for the last point, focus on the simplicity of your menu. Too much information on the card could be of interest to your customer. It is better to have a clear and concise menu than to have a card filled with poor quality photos with dishes scattered without logical layout.

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